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The first joint venture between Get in Charge and the Gibbs Perspective! Veteran business correspondent Karen Gibbs answers your questions about personal finance in this new bi-weekly advice column. Karen is the financial expert in YOUR corner--no question is too basic or too small. Every two weeks, weíll feature Karenís solutions to one of your money problems. Send your money questions and your comments to AskKaren@mpt.org.

"These are difficult times, but you are not alone. You have a wealth of resources available to you. In keeping with MPT's mission to engage, enlighten and entertain, I want to start the financial fitness conversation. If I donít have the answer to your question, Iíll find the expert who does and share it with you.

I hope that you will ask questions of general interest regarding personal finance, saving and investing. It doesnít matter if youíre just starting your career or youíre enjoying a well-deserved retirement, we can all use some help. It is our effort to educate and empower you to create a financially fit life." ĖKaren Gibbs
Time Share Investing
Hi Karen, I keep getting offers to discover the joys of time share living.  What are some of the pros and cons of time share investing?
    -Maria, Baltimore

Maryland's Saving Summit
I had the pleasure last month of moderating the Maryland Saving Summit.  The brainchild of Comptroller Peter Franchot, who has worked tirelessly as a proponent of financial literacy, the summit was an open discussion on the importance of saving and the need to create an environment that will incubate a culture of savings.

Why is talking about money so hard?
Karen, why do you think it’s so difficult to discuss money?
        -Melvin, Prince George's County

The Student Loan Crisis
The Class of 2013 will walk across the stage and accept their diplomas, but they will be hobbled by crushing student loan debt.

What’s the state of financial literacy in Maryland high schools?
    -Francine, Accokeek

Royalty Payment Revenues
Karen, I recently received a newsletter request to purchase information relative to Royalty Payment Revenues that can be purchased on the NY Stock Exchange and are better than stocks as they pay “revenues/royalties” no matter what the stock is doing.  The newsletter gave examples of people who are making thousands of dollars in these investments.  Some are gold bullion, oil, and silver.  Are these good investments and how does one go about purchasing these royalties?
    -Carole, Owings Mills

Alternatives to Education Savings Accounts
My last column addressed 529 plans and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESA).  But what happens if your child decides not to attend college?

College Savings Options
Hi Karen, I have two young sons; ages seven and two, and I want to start saving for their college education.  What are my options?  
    -Thi, Owings Mills

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Karen Gibbs Bio

Veteran Business Television Anchor and Correspondent, Karen Gibbs is President and Founder of The Gibbs Perspective, a company concerned with and dedicated to financial literacy and investor education. A noted speaker and moderator, Gibbs is now a host for The MoneyShow.com Video Network. Most recently Gibbs was a contributor to Retirement Living Televisionís The Prudent Advisor and Daily Cafe. Before that, Gibbs was co-anchor of the weekly PBS business program, Wall $treet Week with FORTUNE from 2002 to 2005.

Prior to joining Wall $treet Week with FORTUNE, Gibbs spent five years as a senior business correspondent for FOX News Channel, contributing to and serving as substitute anchor on Your World with Neil Cavuto and Cavuto on Business where she was also a regular panelist. From 1992 to 1997, she was an anchor at CNBC, where she specialized in the credit and futures markets, and hosted such programs as Money Wheel and Minding Your Business.

Prior to joining CNBC, Gibbs spent nearly ten years at Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc., where she was a Vice President and Senior Futures Strategist. She began her career at the Chicago Board of Trade as a board marker and left as a member of the Office of Investigations and Audits. She received an MBA in finance and marketing from the University of Chicago.

Gibbs currently resides in Maryland.

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